Celtic Disk of Metropolitan Museum and Ancient Chinese mirror in Han-age

Coordination of Construction

The beginning of this investigation, there was no imagination that this practice would depart from Early Mahayana-Art in India.
However, as getting of an amassment of rational analyses,
It has made sure that this consecutive theory of historical formative arts went around the whole of Eurasia,
and as the historical stage, there is necessity to survey the great time table from Celtic culture before Christ, probably to Tibetan Vajrayana Art in 19-century.

This investigation releases a report about the fact demanding to us for an expansion of historical cognizance, as newest and very important proof.
Even if it is said a proof, which is a easy content that everyone can check at once by only own eyes like this.
On this combined photo, left-half is a relic of Celtic culture in 600BC or more old, and right-half is a Chinese ancient mirror on Han-age(200BC~).
Both two relics that had been made in discrete areas and ages are showing the same rate on each concentric circle.
The situation of this combined photo doesn't require the analysis with overlap of a matrix drawing.
There is a just certain join.

High quality jpg

Photos that the 3step-reducing-join-matrixes overlap on both original photos are showed below.

Unfortunately the most outside circle of this Celtic disk had be damaged. There is some skew.
But, It is easy to fix the ideal location of overlapping of the matrix, because almost inner condition is better.

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Original Photo Gold Disk from a Spool 900-600 bc.Irish (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The historical background of ancient mirrors that were excavated in China and Japan have been providing many unclear matters linking historical facts.
However, as the construction contained in those mirrors correspond the common matrix kept up during long period in Eurasia,
on this dimension, the definite part of the historical ambit imagined like mysteries have reset.
This analyzing photo of Chinese ancient mirror showing below concludes that this Chinese mirror's construction of concentric circle
correspond the construction of the most old example now we can grasp in Celtic disk.

The unity of this Chinese ancient mirror with the matrix is extremely proper.
This ancient mirror have the outer area that consists of looped arc.
The concentric circle of the relic that is matched with the concentric circle of the matrix is the inner fabric than that outer area.

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The status of radial construction is this PDF.

Both relics that have great distance of land-area and centuries had been made up exactly in conformity to the common matrix.
This explanation used more elemental status of the matrix than the status of radial connecting matrix that this ancient mirror used really.

Concept of construction
Explanation of matrix system (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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A figure of another celtic disk with the matrix is below. There is the same integration.

The analysis method by combination with different half is workable on the adaptation with the halo of Horyuji-buddha in Asuka-age (7-century) Japan.
Those resultants are due to an adaptation of the same matrix on all relics shown.

The closeup figure of concentric zone is below.

A full aspect figure of the halo component is below.

Total investigation

The Consecutive Constructive theory of Buddhism Arts and Ancient Mirrors
Yagihashi Tsukasa (Jabrec-Art-Music) 2010

investigation by Yagihashi Tsukasa (Jabrec-Art-Music) @2011-Jan 17