System of Matrix (5)

Integrated method of connection

More high class applications of the multiple unit of matrix system, it is found as the standard method in some important Mahayana sculptures.
Which method were transmitted as fundamental core idea from early Mahayana in India until Asuka and Nara ages Mahayana (or probably more ahead) in Japan.
There were consecutive accession with perfect exactness on the code of the primordial method in minds of successive masters.
This historical fact is beyond doubt.

A radial connection to consist of 3step-reducing-join-units, it is able to assume as more high class unit of matrix.
Next figure is illustrating the concept about such hyper connecting practice.
When sharing of the emphatic circle sets of red collar is practiced,
the status of matrix connection is realized like the view in right area of under figure.

The status connecting vertically with three [8radial-units] using such hyper-connecting-method is illustrated in next figure.

The status of matrix connection in the figure below appears as multiple practices of the same connecting method into 8 radial axes.

investigation by Yagihashi Tsukasa (jabrec-art-music)@2011jan 22

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