Horyuji Sitting Buddha
Asuka-age Japan 7-century

The method to architect buddha's configuration that Gupta mathura school moved ahead with own style,
had be came exactly down the artist group of Asuka buddhism sculptures, passing through regions between.
This Horyuji sitting buddha's method adapting to the matrix is the progressed status from Gupta mathura school,
as a consequent of successive leading from masters to disciples.

First, in order to grasp the adaptation of this sculpture with the matrix,
the overlapped figure of buddha with the status of the matrix
that is composed as vertical connection of 4-units of [3-step-reducing-join], is shown below.
This status of the matrix produces two set of concentric circles above and below.
It is able to find instantly the status of the whole sculpture,
when most outer circle in above concentric set of the matrix is fitted the outer circle of the buddha's halo.

However, the case of this sculpture,
due to that buddha's body and halo plate are separate parts,
these have a breath of flexure in comparison with the supposed correct status adapting to the matrix.
Thus regarding it, the outer concentric circle of matrix is overlapped to the halo's outer circle justly in first step,
and keeping such size, the matrix is moved to the supposed ascendent position with axis of buddha's body.


The matrix status connecting vertically 4-units of [3step-reducing-join].
Explanation of the total matrix system. here

The figure overlapped the matrix's status that appears as the type of 8-radial connection
expanding like the illustrated matrix's status above, is shown below.
Due to this analysis, it is clear that this Asuka sculpture succeed perfectly the architecting method
of the standing buddha of Gupta Mathura school excavated in Jamalpur India.
It is able to look easy at the definite applied aspect that buddha's face and hands and all details of body
are provided from the relational composition of matrix's circle-mesh.

The abstract shape of vesture's hem cloth spreading down is found actually,
entwining most complex area around the under concentric set of the matrix's circle-mesh.
The waving top of the base setting the total buddha sculpture adapts the matrix's circle-mesh.
Two bodhisattvas with halos in each side and the boat forming buddha's halo plate are as well.
Those are architected as all total construction from the matrix.
Details of Buddha's face and the external form of the anomalous head appear from exact prescriptions
following the relational construction of matrix's circles, intersecting points on axes.
It is clear that buddha's each hands is realized as products responding for the matrix.
All fingers of both hands are fixed slickly at relational discriminative aspects of the matrix's intersecting circles.


The matrix status of [2-vertical-connection] of [8-radial-connected-unit] of [3step-reducing-join]

In fact, the embodiment of this sculpture's architecture is more one step high-class complex.
The figure that enables to understand the realistic condition,
overlapped the multiple status of the matrix that this sculpture adapts actually,
is shown below.


The figure of the hyper multiple status of the matrix,
connecting as octagon of [2-vertical-connection] of [8-radial-connected-unit] of [3step-reducing-join], is below.
Explanation of this status of the matrix. here

Halo construction

It is operative to show the figure overlapped an unit of [3step-reducing-join],
in order to be clear the fact that halo's key circles correspond the matrix's concentric set.
The outer circle of matrix's concentric set is put on the outer edge of the halo's outer mounded narrow ring.
It seems that accuracy of halo's concentric circles is medium quality.
In this figure, The halo's most outer mounded narrow ring is looking like the vertical diameter is marginally short.
The matrix's alignment is decided to the most applicable situation from a presumption considering the delicate incorrect factor of halo.
It is sure that the outline of second outer mounted narrow ring is provided by discriminative intersecting point of the matrix.


The figure overlapped the matrix's status connecting 8-radial [3step-reducing-join] unit is shown below.
There are some discriminative radial circle sets appearing collaterally in this matrix's status of 8-radial.
It is able to know that those circle sets are providing some circles of the halo's concentric structure besides.
It is clear that the whole construction of halo's concentric circles appears by the prescript of matrix's consecutive factors.
This halo's concentric structure is containing subtle deviations as precise circles,
but those are not factors to complicate grasps for matrix's actual condition on the halo.


Understanding for correspondence of the halo's concentric circles with the matrix will be clear
by the figure overlapped only the half side of matrix.
It seems difficult to doubt actuality of this correspondence.


The closeup figure of the halo area overlapped matrix's half side is shown below.


investigation by Yagihashi Tsukasa (jabrec-art-music)@2011Mar. 01